Emi.Nation ~ Fine Art Pyrography

Emi.nation is a fine art pyrography studio based in Los Angeles, California. Each piece is handcrafted by artist Emily Joy Walker with a woodburning system and one of a variety of wooden canvases, all influenced by nature, fantasy/sci-fi novels, and classical art.

Emily Joy's intent is to inspire individuality and happiness with a final product that engages multiple senses: her pyrography not simply beautiful, it's also rich with distinct textures and the nostalgic smell of campfire. This blog also features other Etsy artists and interviews.
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  • Closing My Shop

    Hello everyone,

    As you may or may not have noticed, my Etsy shop is currently closed.  I’ve decided to do this for an indefinite amount of time due to both personal and professional reasons.  I’m looking forward to using this time to create in-depth, larger scale pieces.  I’ll still be posting regularly, and you can feel free to contact me about specific creations if you’re interested in buying them, but I won’t be posting to Etsy or any other internet store for the next several months.  Thank you for your support, I hope you’ll continue to follow the blog to see what else I’ll be doing!

    I’m shipping off this bracelet today.  It was a fun challenge to try to honor the couple’s adventure by putting in many different cities (and a mountain range!).  Represented here: Boston, Minneapolis, Washington DC, Seattle, Drakensberg Mountains, Koutoubia Mosque, Toledo (Spain). 

    My Etsy Shop.

    This weekend Justin & Sarah celebrated their wedding.  He proposed to her at Hanging Lake in Colorado when the aspens turned vividly gold. They are avid hikers who adore the Rockies, so I created this box to celebrate their love.  May you have a lifetime of happiness and laughter!

    If you are interested in a custom box, feel free to message me here or at my Etsy shop. Please do not remove text.

    I’ve begun painting the Aspens- there will be a great deal of texture and layering of colors before the final yellow and gold.  I normally burn the design first, then paint, but due to the fact that the leaves are supposed to be surrounding the trees and branches, I’ve opted for a different approach.  I am anxious to see how it looks once it is burned!

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