Emi.nation is a fine art pyrography studio based in Los Angeles, California. Each piece is handcrafted by artist Emily Joy Walker with a woodburning system and one of a variety of wooden canvases, all influenced by nature, fantasy/sci-fi novels, and classical art.

Emily Joy's intent is to inspire individuality and happiness with a final product that engages multiple senses: her pyrography not simply beautiful, it's also rich with distinct textures and the nostalgic smell of campfire. This blog also features other Etsy artists and interviews.
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  • Thought I’d finally participate in a Throwback Thursday! This was probably the third pyrography project I attempted, about three years ago.  It was back when I had a craft store pyrography kit with one tip and no temperature control.  I always think it is good to start out with a craft kit to make sure you really like to do this art before you invest $100+ dollars into a tool kit you may or may not use.  And you can still create beautiful things with the craft store kits! 

    Happy Birthday to my husband! I burned on this knife made by explosiventure - beautifully done.  Joel immediately commented on the craft of the knife as well as the design I put on it.  Thank you, Karl, for helping make my husband’s birthday special. 

    My husband’s initials are on the side with Huginn and Muninn.  Tiwaz (my husband’s favorite rune) is on the other side, with the serpent. 

    Fellow pyrographers, what do you listen to when burning?

    Lately, I’ve been deviating from my audiobooks (which you can get on Spotify!) and rocking out to Balkan music.  I can’t get enough of those violins, brass, clarinets, and gudulkas!

    Price Increases

    As some of you may have noticed, the reopening of my shop has also included a pricing increase.  I thought I’d share with you some of my process to get to these prices, since the cost of artwork can be a confusing topic.  

    I’ve had Emi.Nation open for three years and I’m so grateful for each one of my customers.  I love to communicate with them, hear about their passions, and sometimes I am lucky enough to be able to translate that into a piece of jewelry or a box for a special occasion.  Each transaction is a gift, and I am humbled by the support everyone has given me. 

    And yet with all of the joy from both my work and my customers, I was failing as a business.  Pyrography is an incredibly time-consuming art medium.  Some of the bracelets I was making take days to accomplish, especially commissions, since I also research into the topics that I’m working on.  At the rate I was charging, I’ve made somewhere around $5 an hour for my bracelets. I was missing out on my family and yet still not getting anywhere closer to supporting anyone on my business.  If I wanted to ever “make it” as a full-time artist, my prices needed to reflect the time put in to each and every creation.  The decision to raise prices is a difficult one, but it is a necessary one if I’d like to stop waitressing five or six days a week. I hope that you all will understand this decision, and please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

    With a great deal of love and respect,

    Emily Joy


    Highest quality demon and deer horns available from Nevermora. Perfect for halloween, cosplay, LARP or simply to feel like a magical creature.

    Accepting custom orders for halloween.

    I’ve mainly been focusing on my pyrography with this blog, but here is a little break to showcase another fantastic artist! Georgina is incredibly talented and creates these beautiful, lightweight horns.  They’re so secure, you can even dance in them!  And there are unfinished horns & antlers in the shop, in case you’d like to paint or decorate them in your own special way! Check out her Etsy store here.

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