Emi.Nation ~ Fine Art Pyrography

Emi.nation is a fine art pyrography studio based in Los Angeles, California. Each piece is handcrafted by artist Emily Joy Walker with a woodburning system and one of a variety of wooden canvases, all influenced by nature, fantasy/sci-fi novels, and classical art.

Emily Joy's intent is to inspire individuality and happiness with a final product that engages multiple senses: her pyrography not simply beautiful, it's also rich with distinct textures and the nostalgic smell of campfire. This blog also features other Etsy artists and interviews.
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  • I’m shipping off this bracelet today.  It was a fun challenge to try to honor the couple’s adventure by putting in many different cities (and a mountain range!).  Represented here: Boston, Minneapolis, Washington DC, Seattle, Drakensberg Mountains, Koutoubia Mosque, Toledo (Spain). 

    My Etsy Shop.

    This weekend Justin & Sarah celebrated their wedding.  He proposed to her at Hanging Lake in Colorado when the aspens turned vividly gold. They are avid hikers who adore the Rockies, so I created this box to celebrate their love.  May you have a lifetime of happiness and laughter!

    If you are interested in a custom box, feel free to message me here or at my Etsy shop. Please do not remove text.

    I’ve begun painting the Aspens- there will be a great deal of texture and layering of colors before the final yellow and gold.  I normally burn the design first, then paint, but due to the fact that the leaves are supposed to be surrounding the trees and branches, I’ve opted for a different approach.  I am anxious to see how it looks once it is burned!

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