Emi.nation is a fine art pyrography studio based in Los Angeles, California. Each piece is handcrafted by artist Emily Joy Walker with a woodburning system and one of a variety of wooden canvases, all influenced by nature, fantasy/sci-fi novels, and classical art.

Emily Joy's intent is to inspire individuality and happiness with a final product that engages multiple senses: her pyrography not simply beautiful, it's also rich with distinct textures and the nostalgic smell of campfire. This blog also features other Etsy artists and interviews.
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  • A handfasting box I recently finished for Jennifer & Bobby’s ceremony.  The officiant who commissioned it gave it to them at the bridal shower, so I can reveal it a bit early! I am really pleased with how the lines came out for the knot work. The bride loves Celtic knot work and the husband is very interested in Elder Futhark runes.

    If you’re interested in commissioning a box, feel free to visit my shop.

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      Lovely. Really lovely.
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      Check out the very talented emination-art for some sick pyrography. This box is wonderful.
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      I really loved making this box, I think it turned out nicely!
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